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Criminal Law

There’s much at stake when you’re charged with a crime. You may be at risk for a jail sentence, expensive fines, loss of your driver’s license, and other consequences. At The Law Office of Parag Shah you’ll work with an experienced criminal defense attorney who will aggressively represent you and fight to get your charge dismissed or reduced.

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Estate Planning

Estate planning is an important process for each person and family. We utilize a variety of estate planning documents and legal strategies that are meant to address the specific needs of our clients. We understand that every estate, regardless of its size, is important. We dedicate considerable time to designing customized plans for your needs which include Wills, Trusts, Advanced Health Care Directives, & Durable Powers of Attorney.

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The Law Office of Parag Shah is commited to providing you with quality legal representation and individualized service. You don’t have to navigate the complicated – and sometimes mystifing – legal process alone. We’re here to be your connection to the legal system and advocate for you from the moment you call until your case is resolved.

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Affordable Services

We understand that many people may be reluctant to contact a lawyer because they’re worried they won’t be able to afford the fees. They may be tempted to try to handle their legal matter themselves, but that’s often a recipe for a less-than-desirable outcome. When you’re planning for the future of you and your family or  you’ve been accused of a crime, we want you to have access to the quality representation — and justice — you deserve. That’s why The Law Office of Parag Shah offers a FREE CONSULTATION about your case so that you can tell your story, learn your options, and discover how we can help. We also offer AFFORDABLE fees for your estate planning or criminal case, because we believe everyone should have access to the help they need.

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Experience when  it matters  the most

Getting the best result for your case means having a team of attorneys with experience in the local courts in San Bernardino, Orange, Riverside County and the surrounding areas. It means having a team with proven results and the detailed knowledge to construct the strongest arguments on your behalf.  Whether you need to protect the best interests for you and your family, or need to convince a jury that you’re innocent of a crime, our attorneys at the Law Office of Parag Shah have decades of combined experience practicing in Southern California. We know the law and we know the courts.

Client Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients say:

He was friendly and was talking to a lot of people and I was lucky to have him as my attorney. I was going to take a deal but he kept me there to fight and thank God I did because he got me the best deal I could possibly get no money and the basic infraction. Thank you


Mr. Shah kept me posted on all updates with my son’s case. He also provided me with prompt answers when i had questions. I am so happy we hired a good lawyer. I would definitely recommend Mr. Shah to any family member or friend that needs legal help


He is an excellent lawyer. He has great qualifications. I would recommend him to anyone. I had a case that was going to send me to jail, but in the long run, he fought for me to stay out of jail, and I even had my case dismissed…


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